Our Story

Lavahut - Our Story - Hawaiian made clothing

Imagine walking down the sandy beaches of Hawaii, the sun gently kissing your skin and the crystal clear waters lapping at your feet. That's the feeling we want you to have when you slip on our Hawaiian clothing. We're all about sharing the Aloha spirit, the beauty of the islands, and the comfort of our clothing.

Our vibrant and colorful Hawaiian shirts and dresses are perfect for work, play, or any special occasion. We've been sending you island goodies since 1999, proudly crafting our clothing right here in Hawaii. Each piece is infused with the magic of the islands, capturing the essence of Hawaii's natural beauty and tropical charm.

So why not join us in celebrating the spirit of Aloha? Let our Hawaiian clothing transport you to a place where the sky is always blue, the sea is always inviting, and the warm island breeze is forever at your back. Wear our clothes with pride and spread the joy and love of Hawaii wherever you go.