Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace

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      Lavahut - Makau - The Fish Hook Pendant Necklace

      Have you watched the movie 'Moana' and wondered about the meaning behind the Hawaiian fish hook? Let us enlighten you!

      For Hawaiians, the ocean has always held a special place in their hearts. The fish hook, also known as Makau, is a symbol of strength, prosperity, abundance, and good luck. According to ancient tradition, when a loved one embarks on a journey or goes fishing, they are given a fish hook to ensure a safe journey and good fortune.

      Today, the Hawaiian fish hook remains a popular piece of ocean jewelry, often carved from a variety of materials such as fish bones, wood, mother-of-pearl shells, and even water buffalo. So whether you wear it as a reminder of your love for the ocean or for the symbolic meaning it holds, the fish hook is a cherished symbol among Hawaiians and those who respect the island's traditions.