Aloha Album | Featuring our Customers

Aloha! Welcome to Lavahut :) Over the years, our customers have been sharing their special moments with us. From intimate beach weddings to unique family reunions, we've been lucky to be a part of their wonderful celebrations.

The Aloha Album was created to showcase this island vibe back in 2000. Keep in mind, before the rise of social media like Facebook & Instagram, our customers would shared their Hawaiian experiences the old school way :P

Since all old is new, we're happy to re-introduce Lavahut's Aloha Album... A collection of Hawaiian Aloha Spirit since 2000 from all around the world!

If you have photos you would like to share in your Lavahut Hawaiian shirts, floral dresses & tropical celebrations, email us at We'd love to share your Aloha Spirit :)