Monstera Black Double Pa’u Hawaiian Hula Skirt - One Size / Black - Pa’u Hula Skirt

Monstera Black Double Pa'u Hawaiian Hula Skirt


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Big bold monstera leaves splash across this traditional pa'u skirt with motifs of monstera leaves and plumeria. Hawaiian fabric design complemented with a black elastic waistband, comfy and adjustable. Two layer skirt adds drama to the beauty of hula story-telling. Hula skirt made locally in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
  • Three rows of adjustable elastic
  • Double fabric layers
  • Waistband: 5"
  • Top Layer: 25"
  • Lower Layer: 30"
  • Total fabric: 6.5 yards
  • Cotton Blend
  • Made in Hawaii, USA
  • One Size

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