Hawaiian Leis

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      Lavahut - Hawaiian Flower Leis, Seashell Leis & Kukui Nut Leis

      Hawaiian leis are a beautiful way to express love, affection, and friendship to friends and family. They are more than just a simple wreath, but a symbol of the Hawaiian Aloha spirit. A lei is a colorful garland of flowers, leaves, or other materials worn around the neck or draped on the shoulders.

      Hawaiians have a deep respect for the lei, and they are often given to honor someone special or to mark important life events such as weddings, graduations, and birthdays. Leis are also a popular way to welcome guests to the islands, as well as to bid farewell until the next time we meet.

      Whether you are giving or receiving a lei, it is a cherished symbol of the love and affection that is shared between family and friends. So the next time you are in Hawaii, don't forget to share the Aloha spirit and celebrate life's special moments with a beautiful Hawaiian lei. Mahalo and Aloha!