Made in Hawaii

Pocket edges perfectly matched, patterns matched from pocket to shirt.

Made for fun, made for sun... Made in the USA!

We're proud to say all clothing offered on Lavahut is made in Hawaii, made in the good ol' USA.

From our print perfect tropical fabrics inspired by magical sunsets & crystal blue beaches, to the Aloha Shirts hand-cut & buttoned with polished coconut shells... It's as Hawaiian as can be.

Strappy & sun-kissed floral dresses captures the playful nature of Hawaii with sexy silhouettes & vibrant, eye-catching, playful colors.

Striking accents for effortless style, it's what we like to say... Made with Aloha the Hawaiian way :D

Hawaiian Shirts Our Way:

Extra-awesome shirts: short-sleeve, coconut buttons, lightweight & comfortable in authentic tropical designs inspired by the island of Hawaii and all its renowned Hawaiian beaches.

Lavahut - Hawaiian Shirt - Isles Breeze - Red - Button Lavahut - Hawaiian Shirt - Isles Breeze - Red - Collar Lavahut - Hawaiian Shirt - Isles Breeze - Red - Pocket
  • Coconut shells shaped & polished into shirt buttons.
  • Hawaiian Shirts made with Aloha in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Pocket edges perfectly matched to shirt.


Want this shirt in particular? It's an Aloha Friday Reverse Shirt. As you can see, the highlight of the fabric is the underside, where the understated colors of the design shines through. Isles Escape Hawaiian Shirt in Red.