The Aloha Hawaiian Guest Guide... To Beach Weddings

The Aloha Hawaiian Guest Guide... To Beach Weddings

Aloha! 🌺

Beachy Hawaiian weddings are so romantic. You've just got your best friend's wedding invite & super excited to go. Hawaii, here you come! Now you just gotta get that perfect dress.  Okay... "no black, it's bad luck", "look pretty, but don't upstage the bride", "no, no, no white". Don't worry, dressing for a wedding with keeping your style is super easy. With wedding season year long in Hawaii, here's some fun playful ideas to wear all to all your friends' weddings.

Bridal Party: Check the wedding party's color theme ahead of time. Make sure your color scheme is different from the wedding's theme colors -- you don't want to be mistaken as a bridesmaid.

Go long: When in doubt, bring the maxi dress out.  Mini dresses are okay most times, a longer dress is so much nicer. Elegant anybody?

Add color: Tropical colors always liven up a beach wedding, dress the part & party on. You are in Hawaii!

Plan ahead: Going strapless? Plan ahead & shop around for a comfortable strapless bra. You wanna be comfy, not jostling your bra all day long.

Find your fit: Going for sleeves? Allow extra room for movement for wild dancing, lots of hugs & extra room for bouquet catching. You're getting it, right?

Skip White: Unless the beach wedding is an all white wedding with the bride & groom requesting that specific color dress code, be a dear & let the bridal party shine.

Wear what's comfortable: Not use to walking in high heels? Practice makes perfect or wear some super cute flats instead. You don't want to be that girl who's suffering from blisters or worse yet... Stuck to their chair all night because they can't dance without falling. 💃

Have fun: Wear a dress you're comfortable in: One you can dance, eat, play & celebrate all while feeling great.

Who said only the bridal party gets to have all the fun? Aloha!! 🤙

The Aloha Hawaiian Guest Guide... To Beach Weddings

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