Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace

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Lavahut - Makau - The Fish Hook Pendant Necklace

Seen in 'Moana' the movie and wondering what the symbolism of the Hawaiian fish hook is?

Hawaiians always had a deep connection to the ocean. The fish hook represents strength, prosperity, abundance & good luck. Ancient tradition, when someone dear embarks on a trip or goes fishing, they're gifted a fish hook to wish them safe journeys and good luck in their travels.

Also known as the Makau, the Hawaiian fish hook is still a very popular ocean jewelry worn today. Carved in a number of creative materials: fish bones, wood, mother-of-pearl shells and even water buffalo. 

So now you know, the Hawaiian fish hook worn by Maui in 'Moana' and all those who respect this island symbol.

8 products

8 products