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Makamae Naniloa Hawaiian Wedding Dress



  • Na'ni means 'beautiful', Lo'a is 'very'...Unique and elegant, the long Naniloa Hawaiian dress is true to its name. A beautiful dress for a special occasion such as a memorable beach wedding or a luxury getaway.
    -Piping wrapped round neckline
    -Round neckline
    -Asymmetrical ruffled hemline
    -Front / back darts
    -Back zipper
    -Poplin Cotton
    -Made in Hawaii, USA
    -Size S - XXL
  • Size (inches) S M L XL XXL
    bust 33" 35" 37" 40" 42"
    hip 34" 36" 38" 41" 44"
    length 46" 47" 48" 49" 50"
  • Wrap a measurement tape around the widest section of the chest and hip to determine sizing. Length is from shoulders to hemline.

    Tip: Bust width is not bra size.

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