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Jewel hidden in Manoa

by Lavahut LLC

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Manoa Valley


It's easy to get lost deep in the valley of Manoa. Right under the base of lush gorgeous mountains you'll find expansive gardens filled with native Hawaiian plants. 

Home to botany students island-wide, run by friends & students of the University of Hawaii. The Harold L. Lyon Arboretum is a jewel of 200 acres of 5000+ taxa of tropical plants. It's a great place to breathe in the fresh air. Rich with greenery to escape the city life & filled with over seven miles of hiking trails. The perfect forest bathing experience.

This hidden oasis is a great place for photo bugs, outdoor yogis and bookworms. We've seen solo and groups doing yoga, tai chi, nature walks & cute little students hand in hand strolling & pointing at fascinating flowers or catching a glimpse of a colorful lizard.

The garden grounds are beautiful. There are even memorials filled with koi fish ponds and on a particular rainy day, a waterfall cascading down a clift.

The Lyon Arboretum is a wonderful gem to de-stress, relax & breathe.

If you're a shutterbug like us, you'll click away taking pic after pic. 

Enjoy, we took lots of photos!!

Lyon Botanical Arboretum

Welcome to a day of escape at the Lyon Arboreturm 🤙

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Straw Hut

Tucked away in the trails and greenery, you'll find hidden huts!

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Bamboo Thick groves of bamboo groves.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Red GingerThis amazing red ginger bloom... Wow!

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Orange TreeBurst of orange in the most unlikely place... in the middle of a thick trunk.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Pink Flower Bush

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Pink Flower Bush

What is this beauty? We were so entranced by its uniqueness, we forgot to find out the name of this bushy flower wonder. Do you know its name?

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - MossSo lush, there's moss on trees, on rocks, on trails and everywhere your feet takes you.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Fern & LogLook at this? Isn't this wondrous? Plant makes home on a fallen log.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Purple Flowers

Everywhere you look, burst of colors in the most unique places. It's like a real world Dr. Seuss. 

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Hiking stepsTrails that take you wondering...

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Tree

Trees with fantasy like bases.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Wild OrchidsWild orchids on the forest floors.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Purple FlowersPop of purple, know the name? Share with us!

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - FernsYou see what we mean? Lush and fresh, even the air smells so much cleaner.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Moss on Tree

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Orange HeliconiaOrange heliconias... So pretty.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Purple Buds

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - BuddhaCome in peace, relax with harmony.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Lizard EggsWhat did we discover? Make shift home to a momma lizard...

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - LizardHey Buddy, we see you 😜

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Green VinesJade green vines with exotic flowers.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Red VinesThese red beauties are found near the Visitor Center.

Lyon Botanical Arboretum - Water LilyKoi ponds & water lilies.

Lyon Botanical Arboreturm - HibiscusHawaii's state flower, in full bloom & so bold. 

Lyon Botanical Arboreturm - Spiral PalmHave you seen a palm like this? Spiraling toward the sun ☀️

Lyon Arboretum - Manoa Valley


  • Bring bug-spray to stay bite free
  • Wear footwear you don't mind getting dirty or muddy
  • Park next to gift shop & sign in at the Visitors Center.
  • Restrooms available at Visitors Center.
  • Admission is free, however suggested donation is $5 to $10 per person.
  • Lyon Arboretum Website



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