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Ka'ena Point, the most western tip of Oahu

by Lavahut LLC

Grab a group of friends, jump in a car & head north to Ka'ena Point to one of our favorite hikes. The beauty is surreal with the raw scenic coastline & the white foam of the ocean as it crashes against the most western tip of Oahu.

Hope you like nature & being outdoors... If you're lucky, you might even get to see Hawaiian monk seals basking under the sun in the nearby tidepools or coral sand.

There's two ways to Ka'ena Point: Waianae or North Shore.

We recommend going the North Shore route because the hike is slightly shorter, muddy potential low & you can satiate that hungry appetite after the long hike at nearby restaurants.

The hike is about two miles in with a slightly rocky terrain. Make sure to wear sunscreen as there's no shade or trees close by.  Once you approach a sign describing the seabird sanctuary behind the gated door, you're there!

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Sign

Ka'ena Point is a 59-acre protected nature reserve, home to native Hawaiian plants, birds & monk seals.

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Albatross Sign


Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Coastline

Have you seen beauty like this? It's spectacular!

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Coastline

Take your time strolling through the reserve, you'll soon see large seabirds soaring in the sky.

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Birds

On either sides of the roped pathways are nesting grounds for fledglings, albatross and a few other colonies of seabirds.

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Mountain

Welcome to the most western tip of Oahu.

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Coastline2

We hope you brought your camera, the view is amazing! You'll be surrounded by beauty from land to sea to sky. Powdery sand, lava rock tide pools and parcels of coral rock. 

 Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Coral

Look who's chilling out here? It's Puakai, a resident monkseal, snoozing under the Hawaiian sun. She's a cutie & was born in the Hawaiian islands.

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Monkseal

We know she's cute but make sure you keep a distance from these protected mammals. By Federal law, you must be at least 50 yards away from this endangered specie. So give her a little privacy, eh?

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Rainbow

We hope you enjoy the hike at Ka'ena Point, it's worth every minute. 

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Sunset Beach

Sunsets on the North Shore side are amazing!

Lavahut - Blog - Kaena Point - Sunset

Good job! Now that was a work out, go enjoy some good food on the North Shore!



  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Stay hydrated - bring water
  • Sunscreen, lots of 'em
  • Relatively flat trail with rock inclines here & there.
  • About two miles in & two miles out.
  • 3 to 4 hours round-trip
  • Park your car at the beach
  • Don't leave any valuables in your car
  • Bring some handwipes because it'll get salty & dusty
  • No restrooms
  • Admission: Free

Kaena Point:


Kaena Nature Reserve:


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