Aloha from Manoa

Aloha from Manoa

May 12, 2016

Aloha! The weather was perfect… But wait, when is the weather not perfect in Hawaii? Alright, so it wasn’t drizzling or raining :) So we got in our car & headed toward Manoa. Just minutes behind University of Hawaii, you’ll find yourself deep inside Manoa Valley. From here, get ready for a green, relaxing hike.

Lavahut - Manoa Falls Trail Hike - Steps

Follow the abundant hike lovers or just let the weathered trail guide you in. You'll see paths like these and you may even go under some trees.

Lavahut - Manoa Falls Hike - Trees

Lavahut - Manoa Falls Hike - Fungi on Tree

Take your time & enjoy your surroundings... You might even find some fungi growing on nearby fallen trees like these ones. Pretty cool, right?

Lavahut - Manoa Falls Trail Hike - Bamboo Forest

Go a little deeper in & you'll find yourself surrounded by lush green bamboo trees. Pause for a break & take in the sounds of leaves rustled by the wind & the chirps of birds singing in the forest. 

Lavahut - Manoa Falls Trail Hike - Waterfall

Take your time, enjoy the scenery & follow the sound of water… Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in front of a waterfall (a small one on dry days, a bigger one if it’s been raining).

We love hikes like this, don’t you?

Aloha & Welcome to Manoa Falls!



  • Stay hydrated - bring water
  • Lush forests? Mosquitos = bug repellant.
  • Relatively flat trail with rock inclines here & there.
  • Can be muddy on rainy days
  • About a mile in & a mile out.
  • 1 1/2 hours round-trip
  • Park your car at Paradise Park for $5
  • Restrooms available at Paradise Park
  • Admission: Free


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